BAATHHAUS was a Chicago based queer-performance-art-group-band comprised of multidisciplinary artists Patrick Andrews, Dan Foley, Jesse Young, & Jesse Hozeny creating provocative and original music, dance, and visual art. BAATHHAUS weaves its songs together with narrative, choreography, and costumes combining popular music and culture with dark themes and avant-garde theatrical work (glitter and gore) explicitly exploring the concepts of “otherness”. Performances usually give a metaphorical wink to audiences while seriously addressing strong political and social themes.


The group has performed in association with Big Dipper, Big Freedia, Double DJ, Diamond Rings, CSS, Links Hall, and About Face Theatre. BAATHHAUS is heavily entrenched in Chicago’s underground queer performance community. BAATHHAUS shows have drawn comparisons to David Bowie, Klaus Nomi, Lady Gaga, and The Wooster Group.


BAATHHAUS categorizes their music as “queer-electro-fuck.”